Social Immersion Day: Why Brands Should Be Attending SoFabCon

Frequently “The Brand”, as it pertains to conference life, has been a simple vertical relationship. The Brand has been on the top of the hierarchy, while conference attendees and bloggers have to look to the brand to provide interaction. It isn”t unusual for brands to provide sponsorships, job opportunities, and the well-known and beloved “swag”.  Blogging and social media conferences are built upon the value of the brand and what a brand can provide.

Collective Bias knows, most certainly, about the power of the “The Brand”… but what we often see overlooked is the power of the blogger. This is what our 1 Day Brand Pass is about. We want to change the vertical relationship to a parallel relationship. In the Social Fabric model, brands and bloggers become co-collaborators in the social shopper media process. SoFabCon is putting The Brand and The Blogger on parallel, or equal playing fields.

So what can brand attendees expect to learn on during our casino online Brand Emphasis Day?

Reasons for Brands to attend SoFabCon:

  • Meet the amazing bloggers who undergird the process and influence of Social Fabric
  • Be able to interact face to face with bloggers who have tons of experience running social shopper media campaigns successfully
  • Hear directly from bloggers the do”s and don”ts of pitching a blogger/best practice/ and what makes the campaigns they choose to participate in so successful
  • See how a Twitter Party is executed from start to finish and learn about the benefits Twitter Parties hold for your brand identity 
  • Learn directly from the bloggers what their readers and followers are looking for from brands and what influences readers to make purchases
  • Attend sessions where you will learn new ways to engage content marketing in a fun, honest, and approachable way.


We welcome brands and businesses to join our conference and allow your marketing team to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Register for your 1 Day Brand Pass below.

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