Jay Thornton Vice-President Technology for Collective Bias®

Social Track: WordPress/HTML for Bloggers with Jay Thornton and Chris Whittle

Who knew being a blogger required knowing another language? Chris Whittle and Jay Thornton did! They speak “technology” fluently. Whittle and Jay will lead a session for our SoFab community to help them better hone their skills on all things WordPress and HTML.

Chris Whittle is the Collective Bias® Director of Technology and Jay Thornton is the Vice-President of Technology. That means these guys are MORE than uniquely qualified to teach bloggers and social media professionals about all they need to know in all things technology.

Jay Thornton Vice-President Technology for Collective Bias®


Connect with Jay before the conference at any of the myriad of social media channels he is rockin”. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google , or his personal blog,

Chris Whittle
Find Chris Whittle and his awesome sense of humor on any of his social media channels. Google ,  Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Quora.

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